Friday, 3 September 2010

Interview # 4 : Treacher Creatures

Up next is Dawn from Treacher Creatures...

(ST)How did you start making plush toys?

(TC)I have been making toys for years. Originally I began with makingtraditional one of a kind artist bears but moved onto sock toys acouple of years ago when I found a Japanese book about making toysfrom socks and gloves. I have been addicted to making them ever since.

(ST)What inspires you?

(TC)Socks. The huge array of colours and patterns available to work withand my love of animals. I just love creating new and exciting animalsfrom socks.
(ST)How do you make your toys?

(TC)I make them from a pair of socks, although a complex design mayactually use up to 5 different socks. I look at pictures of the animalI want to create and then find socks which I think will suit it's character. I am particularly concerned that the details of my animalsare right.

(ST)What is your favourite material to work with?

(TC)Definitely socks. I have also designed fleece toys but socks are sowell suited to make toys due to their tubular nature and they areavailable in a vast range of colours and patterns.

(ST)Tell us about your work space?

(TC)I sew in the corner of our sitting room surrounded in my armchair bybags of stuffing, cotton reels and boxes of socks. No spare roomavailable.

(ST)How has making toys changed you as an artist?

(TC)I now think in 3 dimensions whereas before as a landscape artist,which I still am too, I worked in 2 dimensions. I have also becomemuch more obsessive unable to sit still unless I am sewing as well.

(ST)What did you do before this?

(TC)Before making toys I was and still am a landscape painter, painting large acrylics on canvas. My house is full of those too.

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